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Email Client Setup

Once you have created a mailbox on your iPage account, you will be able to connect to it using an email client.

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Generic Email Client Settings

These are the generic settings and should work for any email client or mobile device.

Setting What You Input
Username: Your full email address
Password: Your email password
Connection Type:

Choose between POP or IMAP...

Incoming Server:  pop.ipage.com
Incoming Port: 110 (or 995 with SSL enabled)
Incoming Server:  imap.ipage.com
Incoming Port: 143 (or 993 with SSL enabled)
SSL (Optional): Enabled or Disabled
Outgoing Server
Outgoing Server: smtp.ipage.com
Outgoing Port: 587 (or 465 with SSL enabled)

Tip: If 587 is not working for the Outgoing Port, try using port 25 instead.

How To Use Your Domain for Your Email Client Settings

You do not have to use ipage.com for your email client server settings. Instead, you can use your domain (example: john@your-domain.com). An example is provided below:

Using Generic Settings Using Your Domain
Incoming Server (POP): pop.ipage.com
Incoming Server (IMAP):  imap.ipage.com
Outgoing Server: smtp.ipage.com
Incoming Server (POP): pop.your-domain.com
Incoming Server (IMAP):  imap.your-domain.com
Outgoing Server: smtp.your-domain.com

Are your mail records pointing to iPage?

Your domain DNS settings control which hosting provider handles your email services. Double check your settings to make sure they point to iPage. If your domain is not registered with iPage, you may need to update your Nameservers or MX Records.

For information on changing your domain DNS settings, please view these articles:

Double check your email client settings.

Review your settings again for any possible typos (especially the email password). Remember to use our generic settings as a reference.

Confirm that you have a stable internet connection.

Connecting from your computer? Connecting from your mobile phone?
  1. Check your internet connection status.
  2. Unplug the power cord from your internet router.
  3. Wait 15 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cord back in to your internet router.
  5. Wait 45 seconds for your modem to sync with your service provider.
  6. If issues continue please contact your internet service provider.
  1. Check your signal status.
  2. See if your location is causing issues connecting to your service provider.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. Wait a moment while your phone reconnects to your service provider.
  5. If issues continue please contact your cell phone service provider.

Still Unable to Resolve the Issue On Your Own?

We are always here to help you. If you have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps and still have an issue, please contact us!

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