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The Top Internet-Related Support Questions, Answered (Humor)

The Top Internet-Related Support Questions, Answered


Below is a list of internet-related technical support questions that were seriously asked on the web. It’s a lighthearted list but it does have one serious point: if you see the humor in these support queries, statements and questions then you are probably capable of setting up your own website.


1.      Who owns the internet?


How to Understand Open Source and Make It Work for You

How to Understand Open Source


When you are planning a new website development it is rare to start from a blank screen. Most websites use an application that forms the underlying infrastructure and this is then built upon, expanded and modified to get the end product. The vast majority of these applications are open source. You can easily download them for free from Mojo Marketplace.


Hosting Terms Dictionary: Geek Speak Translated

Hosting Terms Dictionary: Geek Speak Translated


The language used in IT is often confusing: you have to click “Start” when finished working and want to shut down your computer; websites make you take cookies but you can’t eat any of them; desktop computers sit on the floor; and your firewall is completely useless during a fire. The words, phrases and acronyms used in the hosting industry are similarly confusing. So here is a hosting terms dictionary of some common terms and phrases.




Marketing and Productivity Apps for Busy SMBs

Marketing and Productivity Apps for Busy SMBs:


Are you always on the go with no time to sit down and complete the ever increasing list of administrative and marketing tasks for your small business? Do not fear, as they say, there is an app for that! Compiled here is a list of must have apps to make you more productive on the go or in the office.


Software that Rules Our World

Why Blogging Software Rules the World


Blogging is the cornerstone of the Internet. It has created opportunities for writers to find new audiences and it gives those audiences information, advice and entertainment. Because of the blogging phenomenon right now you can learn about net neutrality or you can read about the eerily accurate predictions made in the movie Demolition Man. It is also easy to get started in blogging (as long as you can write, of course) as most of the blogging software that is available is easy to set up and even easier to use.


How to Understand Mojo Marketplace

How to Understand Mojo Marketplace


People who are new to website design often think it is a process that involves shoeless, Apple loving artistic types working with 4chan-obessed, socially awkward coders who travel to work on skateboards. For most websites, particularly small business websites, this is not the case. The reality is anyone can build a website so long as they are competent using technology. And because of services like the Mojo Marketplace you do not need programming skills or graphic design abilities.


What Net Neutrality Means for your Website

What Net Neutrality Means for your Website


You may have heard a lot of talk recently about net neutrality. It’s a concept almost as old as the internet itself, although the phrase was not used until 2003. But is it important to a small business website? Should you worry about it? Or learn more about it? This article will help explain what net neutrality means for your website.


What is Net Neutrality?


Learn From these 10 Hot Internet Startups

Learn From these 10 Hot Internet Startups


There has never been as good a time as now to start a business. New technology and the power of the internet have opened up the door to entrepreneurship for people from all walks of life all over the world. If you are one of these people or if you hope to start something soon here are some companies that will give you some ideas, inspiration, or both. They are on the road to possible success, which is why we can learn from these 10 hot internet startups.


Hot Internet Startups



What is a CDN?

What is a CDN?


You have lots of different options when considering a hosting solution for your business. But having a fast and efficient website does not always end with choosing a reliable web hosting provider. There are other things that you can put in place and one of those things is a CDN. But what is a CDN? The abbreviation stands for Content Delivery Network which is a surprisingly accurate description (normally computer and internet terms are as easy to decipher as the mating call of the blue whale). But to understand what a CDN does you first need to understand the problem that it solves.


So here is an explanation: