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Dream Big, Inspirational Small Business Stories

Inspiration for Your Small Business


In 1954 an unknown truck driver from Mississippi got a chance to perform at one of the most famous concert venues in the world – Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. He got a polite response from the crowd but was dumped by the Opry’s management. They said he was “not bad” but thought he wasn’t good enough. That man was Elvis Presley. His story is one of constant effort and never giving up. And it paid huge dividends - despite his death over 36 years ago, he still manages to earn more than most of us put together - around $55 million in the year up to October 2013.


How To Build Your First Website

How To Build Your First Website


If you’re thinking about building your first website, it’s easy to feel daunted just by the idea. You might not be a programmer or professional website designer, or you may not even run a business. But that does not mean you cannot learn how to build your first website.


Just like riding a bicycle for the first time there are things that you will have to learn. And you might even fall off. But just about anyone can ride a bike. And almost anyone can build a website. You don’t even need to know any programming.


Let’s get the wheels in motion…


What Is A Domain Name?


Google’s Hummingbird Update and What It Means for Your Website

Google’s Hummingbird Update Explained

When we would think of a hummingbird in the past, a hovering, graceful, pixie-like creature came to mind. Now that Google has used it to represent its latest algorithm update, correction; algorithm overhaul, the small creature now strikes fear in the hearts of internet marketers  and makes them quake in their booties!

What makes Hummingbird different from Panda or Penguin is that it is not a change to part of the existing algorithm, like those two cuddly animals, it is essentially a new algorithm. It is also the most dramatic change in 12 years and affects 90% of searches, according to Google.

What is an Algorithm?

How to Take Advantage of Cyber Monday / Small Business Saturday and why it is huge for small business!

How to Take Advantage of Cyber Monday / Small Business Saturday and why it is huge for small business!


Every year the Christmas shopping season is like Ravel’s classical (and classic!) arrangement Boléro. It starts off with just a few strings but ends with the whole orchestra blasting. If you run a small business or an online business, you’ll need to be ready for the crescendo. That means preparing your website for the holiday season by having a strategy in place to take advantage of Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.


These two shopping days have their roots in Black Friday, the most famous shopping day of them all.


Why Your Business Should be Listed on Google Maps (and other directories)

Why Your Business Should be Listed on Google Maps (and other directories)


If you’re a local business not listed on Google Maps, you’re like a blindfolded golfer. Why would anyone go through learning how to play - and then step on to a course and attempt to play blindfolded? That would not make much sense.


You spend a lot of time, money and effort every day trying to putt your business into the right holes. You’re trying to aim your business so that it focusing on your customers - the key to your success. But when you’re not able to see where your customers are, it makes you less effective. Google offers up those customers on a plate. Not taking the opportunity to put(t) yourself in front of them is plain silly.


Stop Talking About Golf And Concentrate On Maps


Does Alexa Rank Matter To Your Website?

Does Alexa Rank Matter To Your Website?
You have a domain name, and want to build a meaningful web presence for your business. Then you learn of things like Alexa. And you wonder if it really matters. Well, asking if an Alexa rank matters to your website is like asking if wine reviewers matter to wine sellers. In both cases the answer is: they shouldn’t but they do.
Let’s look at the example of wine first: Wine reviews influence the wines that people purchase. But the quality of the reviews of the professional reviewers leaves a lot to be desired. For example, in a 2001 experiment conducted by Frédérick Brochet of the University of Bordeaux, 54 wine experts were given one glass of red and one glass of white wine to taste.

You Have a Domain Name…Now What?

You Have a Domain Name…Now What?


You’ve picked the best domain now for your business…now what? Think of the domain name like getting the keys to your new house. You’ll want to put blinds and windows on your new house, decorate, and make sure to add a security system. Here are a few other things you may want to think about after you register your website domain name:


  1. Start blogging with a strategy


A blog on your website allows you to:


• Engage and interact with visitors.

• Convey information

• Show that you’re listening


How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Domain Name for Your Business


Your business name is one small piece of a puzzle that’s part of running an online business. And the domain name (the url) that you choose is the magical piece that makes your online presence come together. But piecing together parts of your Picasso doesn’t mean that you should leave your customers puzzled about your digital presence. Here are a few key tips to help you pick the best domain name for your business:


  1. Ask “how is your business changing the world?”


How a Toll-Free Number Can Help Your Business

How a Toll-Free Number Can Help Your Business


Whether you’re a business owner who sells products or services, chances are that you’ll put a customer on hold when another call or customer comes in. And then, when you finally get around to answering the phone, or paying attention to that customer, the worst thing happens. They ask something so simple and easy to find that you wonder why you even bother to respond. It could be a question like “Are you open?” when it’s 11am on a weekday and all of your lights are on. Or a question like “what hours are you open?” when the bright red store hours sign is staring them in the face.