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How to Fund Your Business on Kickstarter

How to Fund Your Business on Kickstarter


Kickstarter is a platform that helps businesses and individuals get funding to start projects. That help includes concept development, design, marketing and more. It has raised over $1 billion in funding to help more than 60,000 projects since the website launched in 2009. That is impressive, right? But how can you get involved? Can you fund your business on Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is not a money tree and many projects fail. But there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of success.


Get Your Product Right


Free eBooks are now on iPage

Free eBooks are now on iPage


iPage has created some great resources for our small business website owners and bloggers.

These free e-books are helpful practical tips that have no promotional content, can be implemented by almost anyone, and even have a Geek Speak Meter to tell you how complex the terminology is!


1.     The Three Do’s and Don’ts of Owning a Small Business Website


2.     3 Try this Yourself SEO Tips


3.     The 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Website


4.      6 Things Google Hates About Your Website

The Top Marketing Software Systems Your Business Should Consider

The Top Marketing Software Systems Your Business Should Consider


Ever since computers were first invented back in the 1940s, they’ve been designed to perform automated tasks instead of humans. They do this better and faster freeing us up to do things like creating, imagining, innovating, and building relationships. So to help you automate here is a list of the top 5 scheduling software systems for your business:




CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. This type of software handles the sales process in your organization and one of the best is Salesforce.


The secret to achieving high conversion rates using affiliate links

Want to earn money with your website? Refer iPage and earn up to $120/sale! Anyone can be an affiliate and it’s free to join. Join now!


One of the best things about being an iPage affiliate is that web hosting appeals to just about everyone. And assuming you have a website, it’s a product that can naturally tie into whatever your website is about. We have affiliates in all industries that promote iPage on their sites.


Ranking Well in Search Engines, Link Building, and Other Related Matters

Ranking Well in Search Engines, Link Building, and Other Related Matters


There is one question that is common to all businesses and the people involved in marketing them – “how do we rank well in search engines?” It does not matter how big or how small the business or website is as SEO, link building, and online marketing is always a popular topic of conversation.


The problem is there are often more questions than answers. This is because people have tried cheating the SEO and online marketing industry with attempts to cheat the system since the dawn of the internet.


The Top Three Marketing Strategies

How to Understand the Top Three Marketing Strategies


There are three key strategies used to promote websites and for many people this represents a battle: SEO vs SEM vs Content Marketing. The truth is much more nuanced and most successful strategies will use elements of all three.


The elements you choose will depend on the time you have and the money you can spend. So to help you understand the differences (and to save you time to boot), here is an explanation of all three:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


How to Understand Reputation Management, Reviews, and Citations

How to Understand Reputation Management, Reviews, and Citations


It’s easy to think that website marketing and search engine optimization are complicated. But marketing a local business online is not any different in principle to the old, traditional forms of marketing. It is about building up your reputation (reputation management), getting your name out there (citations), and treating your customers well (reviews and advocates).


Reputation Management (and Reviews)


Some people think reputation management is something that you do when things go wrong. Things like a series of negative reviews or an attack by a disgruntled employee are examples. If this ever happens, you might need to bring in professional help.


Are Google’s Product Listing Ads Right For Your Business?

Are Google’s Product Listing Ads Right For Your Business?


The various services that Google offers are constantly evolving. Take the topic of this article, for example – Google Shopping. It used to be called Froogle (remember that?!), then Google Product Search, and now Google Shopping. Not to be confused with Google Plus, Google Author Rank, and Google’s Personalized Search Results – which all mean different things for your future.  


Why Personal Touch Matters in Your Digital Marketplace

Why Personal Touch Matters in Your Digital Marketplace


The online world remains alien for some businesses. Mostly because too many businesses become detached from their customers online when they should be focusing on marketing with meaning. Incorporating a personal touch is even more essential in your digital marketplace. When done correctly, you can get closer to your customers online than you can in any other way.


That last statement is a bold one but it’s true. And it’s true even when you deal with customers face-to-face. You might be thinking: how could an online relationship with a customer be more important than the relationship I have with them when they are visiting my business or using my service? The answer is because online is more intimate.