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How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

How To Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may be some of your favorite things during the holiday season. But your website should also be somewhere on that list. Even if you don’t quite find the topic of websites particularly festive, here are a few ways you can get into the holiday spirit:


  1. Work on Your Website Content


Now is the time to start thinking about any special product launches or services you plan on introducing over the holidays. Here are some questions to think about as the holidays get closer:


Why Web Security is Important

Why Web Security is Important


We sat down to talk with Neill Feather, President of Sitelock, about the importance of web security in today’s digital landscape. Even if you don’t run a business online, you can still glean some insight from the discussion.

Here’s our conversation:

1. What is the #1 reason most people don't lock up their website?

Lack of awareness of the risks and consequences, and the belief especially

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

5 of the Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is famous for having endless plugin possibilities. If you need or want a feature for your website, chances are there's a plugin for it already - or one in the works. Chances are you probably already take advantage of at least a few plugins. Here are a few more that if you haven't already checked out, you may want to consider.

1. W3 Total Cache

What Google's Personalized Search Results Means for Your Future

Using the Internet, we can find out what our friends in other parts of the world are doing. We can discover that 25% of all known species are beetles; and that most lipstick contains fish scales. But can we find the details of our flight next week or the tracking number for our latest purchase on Ebay? Of course we can’t, but Google has an answer: Personalized Search.


If you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses of SEO, you’ll want to learn more about how Google is tweaking your search results.


The Recent Changes to Google AdWords

The Recent Changes to Google AdWords

Just when you think you have the latest Google changes figured out, something new teeters through. When you're a small business owner, the last thing you want is to have your current strategy and approach taken for a roller coaster ride. Luckily when it comes to technology, you'll often find that your strategies and approaches are improved and things go smoother than before.


The recent changes to Google AdWords called for an adjustment of advertising campaign styles. The good news? Small businesses seem to benefit the most and fare the best in the face of these changes.


How to Keep Up with the Joneses of SEO

How to Keep Up with the Joneses of SEO


When it comes to SEO, making sure that the search engines and the humans viewing your content are happy and stay that way can be a lot of work. Luckily, a lot of what makes search engines pick up on your content and move it to the top of the search result rankings are the same things that make your viewers keep coming back for more.


Here are a few ways to keep up with the Joneses of SEO:


1. Create Content


Four Key Metrics in Google Analytics to Know About

If you run a website, you should know about and be using the free Google Analytics tool. With Analytics, you can measure a number of key metrics to really understand how the people out in Internet world are interacting with and finding your website.


Google Analytics is a very robust program that you could spend hours learning about. However, there are a few key parts of the program that are quick to learn. Here are four of them.


1. Bounce Rate


6 Tips for Better Organization

Do you constantly feel like you have a million things that still need to be done? Do you spend more time worrying about things you need to do vs. actually getting them done? Do you feel like no matter how much you try to organize, you're barely staying afloat in a sea of post-it notes and project outlines? Whether you’re wondering how to make your website safe, drive visitors, or attention, you probably have too many things on your brain.


5 Ways to Make Your Website Safe

Making your website safe plays a pretty big part in your overall business strategy. How so? Think of your blog or website like a home. You’d probably want to invest in a good lock (or security system) to keep intruders out. Safety is certainly not the fun (or sexy) part of home ownership. But it’s a necessity. And sometimes necessities are what bring the most value down the line - even though you might not be able to see it right away. Here are a few tips to make your website safe and secure:


1. Check out Google Webmaster tools


How to Drive Visitors to Your Website

You’ve built a website with purpose, and laid out your welcome mat. You’re ready for your customers to walk through your door. You want attention, and you want it now. But how do you drive visitors to your website to get this attention for your business? Here are some tips:


  1. Use keyword tools to improve SEO


Including the words that your customers type into Google is a great way to get visitors. But how do you know what they type?