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Strange and Quirky Domain Name Facts

Strange and Quirky Domain Name Facts


Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet the famous quoted passage: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose; by any other name would smell as sweet." As far as roses go that is true – a rose smells like a rose whatever you call it. But when it comes to websites, domain names matter. And with over 150 million registered domain names in existence it is no surprise that there are some odd stories. So here are some of the best strange and quirky domain name facts.


Millions for made up words


In 2014 the Chinese technology company Xiaomi decided they needed a new domain name. The one they chose cost $3.8 million - for a domain that is not even a word. The domain name they bought was

Buying and Selling Premium Domains

Buying and Selling Premium Domains


In 2010 Facebook decided it wanted the domain name The owner was the American Farm Bureau Federation, and they sold it to Facebook for $8.5 million. If you want to sell premium domain names this probably makes you excited. And if you want to buy domains, your nerves may be getting the best of you. But don't be nervous, and don't get too excited either, until you've read this guide on buying and selling premium domain names.


The marketplace for domain names is active. And it is easy to make a mistake. The values are usually in the hundreds rather than the millions, but it is still possible to get your fingers burned.


What is a Premium Domain Name?