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Web Design Trends

How to Understand Web Design Trends


Website design trends are constantly evolving as developers try new ideas and concepts. Some of these fizzle and die but others gain popularity and become mainstream. But for most small business websites the priority is to stay ahead of the curve (rather than ahead or behind it).  


A Deep Dive into WP Essential

Tens of thousands of users have made WordPress their site editor of choice on iPage, due to its flexibility and its endless array of themes and plugins. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a blog about your favorite restaurants, a full company website, or a photo gallery of your family--WordPress can make that happen. But, all that flexibility comes with a cost.

What is the difference between and

What is the difference between and


If you have started researching how to get a new website built you will undoubtedly have heard of Wordpress. It is the most popular website and blog building platform in the world and is the backbone of millions of websites. But there are two options and they are substantially different so this article will answer the question: what is the difference between and


Free eBooks are now on iPage

Free eBooks are now on iPage


iPage has created some great resources for our small business website owners and bloggers.

These free e-books are helpful practical tips that have no promotional content, can be implemented by almost anyone, and even have a Geek Speak Meter to tell you how complex the terminology is!


1.     The Three Do’s and Don’ts of Owning a Small Business Website


2.     3 Try this Yourself SEO Tips


3.     The 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Website


4.      6 Things Google Hates About Your Website

How Your Website Colors Affect Conversions

How Your Website Colors Affect Conversions


Getting the colors right on your new website is important for aesthetic reasons. But your website colors also affect conversions. That’s right – changing from a green button to a red button might increase sales. And selecting the right colors can also help to build your brand.


This worked for one company, it boosted their conversions by 21 percent by changing their buttons from green to red. There were several factors that contributed to the increase in this example, but it does show that color is important.


Helpful Tips for Beginners to Build the Perfect Website

Helpful Tips for Beginners to Build the Perfect Website

For beginners who have no experience in web design, building and maintaining your own website can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are many website builders out there to help you get started with your own website. The best one to use is called WordPress. WordPress is the industry standard for both beginners and professionals. It’s very easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful and has all the features your website might need. With WordPress, you can professionally build and maintain your own professional website. This leads us to our first helpful tip for building the perfect website:

Something New Has Arrived in the World of WordPress

Something New Has Arrived in the World of WordPress


Whether you’re a web aficionado or a tech newbie, convenience, speed, security, and ease of use are likely your top priorities. To ensure security and optimal experience, frequent updates have become crucial for not only your site content, but also any plugins or software you have running.Yet, very few of us have extra time in our day to keep up with these updates. Every second counts for delivering timely content and offers to your readers or customers, so time spent on updates is time not spent on revenue-generating offers and content.

What You May Not Know About WordPress

What You May Not Know About WordPress


WordPress is the most popular website builder available – by a long haul. All over the world designers use it every day to create every type of website that you can imagine. But despite this, WordPress is still referred to as a “blogging platform.” So here are some things you may not know about WordPress that shows it can do more than blog.


WordPress is a bit like…baking soda. Of course baking soda is for cooking but it has many other uses. It can unclog drains, remove ink from painted surfaces, and remove stains from stainless steel (oh, the irony!). You can use it to brush your teeth, deodorize under your arms, and exfoliate your skin. It can put out small fires and create cool children’s science-experiment volcanic eruptions.


A Guide to Designing and Creating Your Website

A Guide to Designing and Creating Your Website –


There are many reasons to put your ideas online; to gain exposure for your business or organization, to save time by posting pertinent information online, to sell products or services, to educate others about a topic, to connect with others who share your passions and many more.

How do your get your website built and what tools to you need?

It really depends on the type of site you want to build and the time, budget and technical expertise you have at your disposal.

Here is a guide that gives an overview of available tools, including free one click installations from Mojo Marketplace in your iPage hosting account control panel: