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Marketing Trends for 2015

Marketing Trends for 2015


How will digital marketing evolve? What will be the thing next year that moves your industry forward? What are the marketing trends that are important for 2015?


To understand this you have to think like a football coach in the middle of a game. That means working out the strategy of your opponent so you can set up better plays. But that takes focus. You can’t watch every player on the pitch. You will have decoy runners, players who slip, or players who mess up their lines. You have to know that those things are going on (so that you don’t miss anything) while at the same time focusing on where the real action is taking place.


The Hunger Games of Digital Marketing

The Hunger Games of Digital Marketing


If you’ve ever wondered if small businesses can learn anything from a novel written for young adults, the answer is yes. We are not talking about any novel - we are talking about The Hunger Games. And, of course, it is not just a novel. It is also a hit movie franchise with millions of fans around the world. So, let’s coin a phrase: The Hunger Games of digital marketing. Do you want to play?


Holiday Sales - How to Keep Up

Holiday Sales - How to Keep Up


If November and December are crucial months for your business you will need a strategy for the holiday sales. But where should you start? What discounts should you offer? How are you going to tell people? And how are you going to make sure your offering is heard above the noise? Here are some tips on how to keep up in the mad dash for customers that is the holiday sales.


Think of it like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 unexpected guests. They won’t get a gourmet meal with unique twists and exotic dishes. But they will get a good meal and good company if you focus on things that are:


a)      Within your control

Holiday Preparedness Guide

Holiday Preparedness guide


For many businesses this is the busiest time of the year. You should spend some time making sure your website is ready if this applies to you. This holiday preparedness guide will help.


It will help primarily because it gets its inspiration from one of the most efficient operations on earth: Santa’s present delivery system. So in order to get your business ready for the online rush, think about what Santa is doing right now.


Are the Elves Motivated and the Production Lines Working?


Nothing will damage your business more than letting a customer down at Christmas. So make sure you have access to the right amount of stock and ensure you have the processes and the people to deliver your orders.

10 Technologies and Companies that We Left Behind

10 Technologies and Companies that We Left Behind


The wheel is one of humanity’s first technological advances. It is also one of the most unique because it is still in use today. Most technologies that don’t keep up eventually wither and die. The same applies to companies that don’t innovate. So, here are 10 technologies and companies that we left behind.


1.      Typewriters


The typewriter was invented in its current form in the 1860s. There is some dispute as to who first developed it, so it is difficult to pin down the exact date. What is not in dispute, though, is how important the invention became.