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July 2013

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Customer Spotlight

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This month, we're shining our customer spotlight on Glenda, owner of, and a loyal iPage customer since 2012.


Sassy2Stitch, known as "The Tool Store for Stitchers," is a web-based business that specializes in providing an extensive selection of stitching and needlework necessities for hobbyists and crafters of all skill levels. Glenda's specialty is acquiring crafting supplies for sale that aren't as easy to find in local brick and mortar stores, which gives her an edge over traditional business models.


How to Exude the Essence of Your Brand

You may hear the word “brand” and think that it doesn’t apply to you. After all, you run a business. And the branding thing? It’s not in your wheelhouse. So, you just go about running your business, and not pay it any attention.


Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. Why? Your brand is the essence of your business. You’ll want to ask yourself a few tough questions to get to its heart, and so you can exude its essence:


• Does your company’s product or service have a strong point of difference?


• Can you summarize your brand into one word or statement?


• Do you build every level of the organization around the brand?


5 Ways to Make Your Website Safe

Making your website safe plays a pretty big part in your overall business strategy. How so? Think of your blog or website like a home. You’d probably want to invest in a good lock (or security system) to keep intruders out. Safety is certainly not the fun (or sexy) part of home ownership. But it’s a necessity. And sometimes necessities are what bring the most value down the line - even though you might not be able to see it right away. Here are a few tips to make your website safe and secure:


1. Check out Google Webmaster tools


The Top 5 Mobile Apps for Your Small Business

As of June 2013, there are 900,000 apps in the app store. The options are endless when it comes to choosing the best apps to help your business run efficiently (hint: playing Angry Birds will not get you there). So, how do you find the best mobile apps that best suit your small business needs?


Here are a few that stand out from the noise:


1. Expensify


How to Drive Visitors to Your Website

You’ve built a website with purpose, and laid out your welcome mat. You’re ready for your customers to walk through your door. You want attention, and you want it now. But how do you drive visitors to your website to get this attention for your business? Here are some tips:


  1. Use keyword tools to improve SEO


Including the words that your customers type into Google is a great way to get visitors. But how do you know what they type?


How to Drive Attention to Your Website

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard about the importance of “driving visitors” to your website. Sure, getting more page views may be number 1 on your wish list. Because more page views means more leads (if you’re marketing right). And more leads means more sales, right? 


Not quite.


There’s this little other thing called “attention.” And if your business gets page views but then has a high bounce rate, I hate to break it to you. But chances are slim that you’ll get sales. So, how do you get drive page views and get the attention you deserve? 

Here are some tips:


  1. Start with a strong foundation


How To Build a Website With Purpose

You don’t just build a website to “build a website.” If you’re like most folks, you want to build a website with purpose. You want your business to stand for something. You want to make an impact. And maybe (if you’re smart) you’re also thinking about your business’s long-term goals, like getting media coverage and engaging a community.


If this sounds like you, you’re on the right track.


Even though you can get your website live in 10 minutes, you’ll want to give it more strategic thought. The online world is a crowded space. And any strategy and big-picture thinking that you do on the front end will end up working in your favor.


Facebook Marketing 101 Infographic

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A website is no longer the only online presence your business needs to compete on the internet. In addition to having a website for your business, a Facebook page is also necessary to help you really engage with your customers on a personal level and grow your business. Below is an infographic we put together showing the importance of having a Facebook page for your business as well as 6 tips on how to optimize your Facebook page.